the sidewalk flower
genuine celebrity
often overlooked

What looks random and filled with chance is perhaps less so than one might think. Take the sidewalk flower: A seed, all the same potential as any other seed, lands in a spot deemed by most as highly inauspicious and inhospitable … the sidewalk crack.

But then, despite cramped quarters, few nutrients and armed with nothing but its own enthusiasm for the chance to bloom in this special place, the little seed bursts from its casing. Wriggling to the surface, a leaf unfurls, a banner of green vitality and hope; part of the battle is won. Powered by the momentum of one leaf, two, three, four more and it’s dancing in the wind, reveling in the sunlight, both the direct and that bouncing off the mica in the cement of the surrounding concrete.

Many days pass. It focuses its ebullience, the heady importance of its mission, into the deep rich color of petals to come … the central ability to reproduce and cross pollinate on the wind or bee’s legs, meeting with other flower pollen, like great minds at a Salon-style gathering. Ideas masterful and minor, bumble in their own synergy and exquisite complexity.

Finally, in its glorious completeness, the flower opens shop, right there on the sidewalk, ready to do the business of making someone’s day. How many days does it have to carry out this mission? The brevity of its time frame is punctuated by the little plant’s desire to garner someone’s attention. Daily it waves its cheery petals in harmony with the breeze. Days and people pass. The sun rises and sets in its own celestial dance with the moon and earth, completing its own duties, part of an unfathomably enormous cog in a mind-blowingly vast system of the universe.

Our little flower friend fades and closes shop for the last time. It’s mission fulfilled, if only in retrospect.