a pineapple slice
of symbolic welcome change
November New Year

“No! You’re a pineapple!”

I wasn’t even there for the origin of this haiku’s story. My husband and our friends overheard this silly exclamation while they were relaxing during one of my last stints at auction, for Barrett-Jackson in June. Such a strange and unlikely phrase. What in the world did it mean?

It didn’t matter, because it grew legs, donned socks (more on that later) and stayed with them for the rest of the weekend and in the coming months. Random texts would be exchanged:



Any time a pineapple was encountered, photos were shared:

In October, I was checking in at the Mandalay Bay auction-site hotel in Las Vegas when I saw this mannequin:


I didn’t have a new job. I was in the midst of interviewing for what I hoped would be my next step. So I took this strange combination of images as a good sign – a simultaneous ending (farewell Barrett-Jackson) and beginning (hello fresh new opportunity at Sprouts). Optimistic? Perhaps. Reading too much into one’s environment? Maybe. But these things can’t be helped. At least not for me.

I passed this every day for the 12 days I stayed and worked at Mandalay Bay. Of course, I snapped this photo to send to my husband. What a bizarre image!

My sweet husband took it upon himself to drive the five hours to come visit me in Vegas for a quick-turnaround overnight stay. On his last night, the last night of the auction, we celebrated with a late dinner. On our way back to the room, we stopped at a sock store. When we saw the pineapple socks, we knew we had to get them for the wife friend of the origin story. They were sent a few days after my return from Vegas. (See? I told you we’d get back to the socks!)

The next week, on October 31st, I went in for a third interview. It took me several minutes into the conversation, with the Director of Marketing, to fully process what she was wearing. I mean, the diminutive yellow and green lace crown was unusual – but maybe it was her birthday. The yellow lace sheath dress: chic. Then I saw the tiny gold pineapple earrings and necklace. OHMYGOD! She was subtly and stylishly dressed as a… PINEAPPLE, a very professional pineapple. It was, hands down, the most professional and subtle costume I’ve ever seen. Nicely done.

“I have no idea why I’m dressed this way,” she confided blithely, “You can ask anyone. I’m not into the costume thing. I blame it on my kid.”

Wow. I’m interviewing with a pineapple, a symbol of welcome, friendship and hospitality. If that didn’t seem like a sign from the universe…

Insert another week passing. I consult with my husband on Saturday night about giving my notice on Monday morning even though I didn’t have a job offer. I wanted the two-week clock ticking. I was ready to be done, even if it meant cashiering at Kohl’s for the holiday season. (I know what you’re thinking, “What about Target? They’re always hiring.” Yes. I know. I’ve done that already, you see.)

On Sunday morning, I’m good with the decision to give my notice on Monday. My husband, however, thinks we need to see three pineapples in order to be sure.

I shrug. “Okay. But if we don’t see them, I’m still giving my notice. I feel okay about it.” By way of response, he smiled.

At the grocery store, the grocery store, you know, where food is purchased, I see a sock stand. And yes, you guessed it. We left the store with food and a pair of pineapple socks for me. I would wear these on Monday when I gave my notice. The pineapple power socks that no one would see.

At a friend’s house for dinner that night, we were asked what we wanted to drink, “Wine, beer, something with pineapple juice?”

Collectively: “WHAT!?!” a meaningful glance at one another, “Definitely pineapple.” A pause, “Should we tell them? We should tell them.”

Walking into their kitchen, there on the kitchen counter was… a pineapple. Naturally.

I wore my grocery-store-purchased pineapple socks, gave my notice, received a job offer the next afternoon and will start my new job, as Brand Content Coordinator at Sprouts, on Monday after Thanksgiving.

Thank you for joining me on this (mostly) brief roundabout of gratitude. Exit here! You’re in the right place! There is a pineapple waiting for you! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂