crazy sailor’s catch
peculiar blend of boredom
and taxidermy

We call him the Reverend Doctor Blackwell. He’s the head of the recording studio at the Arizona Talking Book Library where we volunteer on Thursday nights.

Each Thursday night, the RDB reveals some new wonderful thing in the Mystery Box. Sometimes it’s recognizable, like the straitjacket (with a demonstration on how easy it is to escape) or dodo bird. Other times it tickles long-ago memories from childhood, in the case of Chang and Eng, the conjoined twins that I’d read about in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! And then there are the numerous Mystery Box items of which I’m completely unaware. The Feejee Mermaid was last week’s delightfully macabre discovery. (Did I just use those two words in conjunction with one another?!)

I won’t even bother to try and recreate the performance of the RDB because there is no comparison to the real thing. (We work on him weekly to create a YouTube or Vimeo site – we’d subscribe!) But you can read all about the Feejee Mermaid in the link provided.